GreenMuze | Website

GreenMuze is a leading information source for green living and environmental news. After analyzing the GreenMuze website, I provided a key set of recommendations focused around page structure, keyword and theme edits, as well as linking.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel | Website

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is a landmark hotel in the Victoria, BC area. It is in the process of being converted into modern condominiums that pay tribute to the buidling's heritage. The keywords of the website needed to undergo a transition from "hotel" to "condos". In addition, structural and off-page recommendations were also presented. The result was an immediate increase in qualified search engine traffic and first page rankings.

Discovery Club | Website

The Discovery club is a world-class destination club that provides luxury travel to exotic destinations. A simple SEO audit revealed many areas that lacked keywords and terms. Furthermore, linking wasn't optimal. To solve these problems, keyword research and link building were initiated. A blog was also added to increase the amount of content and keyword-rich pages on the site.

Albion Driver Training | Website

Albion Driver Training is the leading driving school in Victoria, BC. The website was lacking in terms of keyword research and placement. With due diligence, changes to the page structure, and proper keyword integration, Albion was able to maximize SEO results and garner more clients. Internal and external linking strategies also contributed to the success.

All Things Balanced | Website

All Things Balanced is a small feng shui consulting company located in Victoria, BC. The website was built using Wordpress, and optimized with a few special tweaks to the content management system. Page titles, META descriptions, and headings were targeted. In addition, changes to the linking structure were also made to increase relevancy and context. The added linking also ensures thorough indexing via the search engines, as well as increased Page Ranks across all site pages.

Macgregor Mechanical | Website

Macgregor Mechanical is the leading plumbing, heating, gas, and HVAC company in Victoria, BC. Their website needed a SEO revamp, and we were able to branch out the individual services pages. Additional modifications to the page titles, META descriptions, and headings further helped improve the results. Some back-linking via external sites and some internal linking within the site topped off the project.

Senn & Co. | Website

Senn & Co. is a leading professional search and recruitment agency in Canada. The company specializes in candidate sourcing in areas such as engineering, management, and technical positions in the BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan markets. In terms of SEO, the company wasn't even showing up for their own name, nor any specific keywords or terms. Some simple targeted keyword placement and a linking strategy helped the company achieve their SEO goals.

Equilibrium Massage Therapy | Website

Equilibrium Massage Therapy is the leading massage therapy company in Victoria BC. The website contained great information and resources about massage, but it lacked specific SEO details. Linking also needed some attention. Some content changes, added Wordpress plug-ins, site structure additions, and linking helped solidify strong SEO search rankings.

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