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SEO Site Audit

Most SEO campaigns begin with an SEO site audit. This is where I take a look at your current SEO situation and assess how I can dramatically increase your search rankings. This process includes analysis of keywords, links, page structure, and current rankings, as well as a competitor analysis. SEO site audits range in depth from basic to comprehensive depending on budget and site complexity.

After the site audit is complete, I will implement the necessary changes and edits to maximize your SEO results. Once the changes are in place, monitoring and further optimization will ensure that your SEO goals are being met.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is often overlooked and discounted, yet it is extremely important. Your website should be optimized for terms people are actually searching for. In addition, finding keywords and phrases that are less competitive will allow you to rank well quickly and easily - and drive even more qualified traffic to your website.

Links play a huge role in the SEO equation, especially on Google. For this reason, it is essential that all sites have an ongoing, proactive link building campaign. Acquiring high-quality, one-way links from relevant sources is difficult, but it will help vault your search engines rankings. This is where my expertise and experience can greatly benefit your website.

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